Thursday, 2 September 2010

Zara Launched Online Store Today

Hey everyone good news for my fellow high street shoppers, Zara has launched their online shopping website today.
You can even order online and pick up it up free in store to avoid the delivery charges.

Winter is approaching and this is the time of year online shopping and me become best friends. As much as I love fashion I’m not freezing my titts of for a new handbag!
I know we now have Westfield but that place gives me a headache it’s too big for its own good. I love Oxford Street I know it like the back of my hand but I refuse to go there any more unless its urgent you knows those panics!

Oxford Street
But it’s the crowds of people I cant stand your forced to walk because my 70 year old Gran can get to a bus stop faster then the buses there.
There are so many people on one narrow road all trying to get somewhere. Some of them clearly do not know how to walk some of them just choose to act like they don’t know how to walk!

I’m sorry but why do guys have to roll deep with like 10 guys to go shopping? Does it make any sense? You need 10 different opinions on how the shirt looks *Raises eyebrow*. You’re just taking up the space for the people that want to shop! Clearly your just there hunting for women!
Whenever I’ve been in Oxford Street I have wanted to punch some one in front of me, as mean as it sounds it’s so very tempting!

I have tried everything to avoid the crowds in Oxford I’ve tried going there on a weekday assuming everyone will be at work or school. The weekday’s is when you get all the damn tourists blinding you with every flash. For some reason they love to just randomly stop in the street I feel like a car I have to do certain emergency stops. Otherwise I will end up doing some dirty buckle….HEALTH HAZARD & EXTREMLY EMBERASSING

I have tried late night shopping umm that was probably the worst don’t let roll deep fool you. Late night shopping all the stock is a mess and  the workers are lazy they just want to go home so no point asking for help.
When you ask them so called “Sales Advisor” never have the answer you want.
You ask them “Is there anymore size 8’s in this top”
Sales Advisor “We only have whats on the shop floor”
Why the hell do you have a stock room then????

Oh and there’s some “Sales Advisors” that pretend they’re helping you and its always the female ones that do this nonsense!
You ask them “Is there anymore size 8’s in this top”
Sales Advisor: “Bare with me I will just go check”
10 mins…….go past no sign of her

15 mins……still no sign you go ask another one the workers to go check if she still alive

20mins Later……..
Sales Advisor: “Oh I’m sorry we don’t have any size 8’s left”
Why the hell does it take so long?
Where is your stock room in Nigeria??? I wouldn’t be so gutted about the top if she hadn’t wasted my valuable shopping time!!

I’m not even going to name and shame the shops that behave like this but you guys all know what im talking about ;-) Miss Selfridge *Cough, Cough* just kidding ;)

One more thing have you realised if you are between a size 6-10 it is so hard to get your size aaaargh, why does there have to be so many skinny bitches! I thought the nation was obese? 

To avoid all that hassle now all I got to is turn on my laptop take my time shopping put it in a basket and checkout and DONE!
Shopping online don’t forget you also avoid the bitches on commission as well making you buy unnecessary things you don’t need!
To me online shopping probably one of the best inventions even though it has its negative side putting your card details online etc.

Here’s some of the websites I cant live without
The Major one is 

And now


  1. I had this conversation about Oxford St tourists vs Westfields overwhelming size and unfamiliarity earlier today but since i'm not a big high st shopper i gives a damn really although I do like Zara Men anyway check out she has got some hot womens wear going on

  2. I cant deal with oxford street or Westfield im getting old lol but will check out the link thanks.