Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Keri Hilson "No Boys Allowed" But Contains Boys


Glenn Gamboa of Newsday. After noting that the title of No Boys Allowed is a bit deceptive (it features Ne-Yo, Rick Ross and Kanye West, among others), he made a positive comparison. "Considering all the support she gets on No Boys Allowed, Hilson is practically the female Drake, and she doesn't fail, either."
Elysa Gardner of USA Today thought that No Boys Allowed was marred by the distinct lack of Hilson. "Given Hilson's record as a hit-shaping tunesmith for other stars, in fact, it's ironic how little of her own voice comes through on this set of smart and pleasurable but mostly disposable pop-soul candy," she wrote. That general attitude seems to resonate throughout the reviews of No Boys Allowed: It's good, but Hilson is capable of transcendent.
Ben Ratliff of the New York Times also felt lukewarm about No Boys Allowed, and couldn't help but compare Hilson to another R&B singer who often shows up on high-profile collaborations. "It's clear that Rihanna, as of her troubles with Chris Brown and the album that resulted from it — last year's Rated R — has something big that Ms. Hilson probably wants: a narrative," he wrote. "But a few songs here are good enough to stop the overthinking comparisons. One is 'Pretty Girl Rock,' produced by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony, four minutes of schoolyard singsong about her fabulousness."


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